5 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Family in home If your house has an old air conditioning unit, you may be wondering when it becomes too old or when you need to have it looked at. Here we have some of the top signs that your unit is breaking down and in need of air conditioning repair in Watkinsville.

Air Temperature

The first sign is if your air conditioner is not fulfilling its basic function as efficiently as it used to do. If your unit needs to work harder to cool the air, you will notice it on your energy bill. If it takes longer for the room to cool, you can tell just from being in the room. This usually means there’s a problem with the unit itself, or possibly with the thermostat, if different rooms in your house are different temperatures.

Air Flow

If the air is cooling but is not flowing properly throughout your house, this could be the symptom of another problem. Sometimes, deteriorating duct work can lead to poor air flow which can target certain rooms or even the entire house.


If your unit is making any new sounds, that means something is going on inside the unit that wasn’t happening before. Anything from a grinding to a grating or a squealing sound means you might need to have a repairman take a look.


Similarly, you might need your unit serviced if you smell any new and unusual odors coming from your vents. If they’re pungent, it could mean that your wire insulation has burned out, and if it’s musty, it could be a sign of mold.


Any extra water around the unit should be taken seriously. If there’s water around your air conditioning unit, then you may be having problems with your drain tubes. These usually dispose of condensation, but they can become blocked or broken. If there’s leaking water or ice on the unit or if the refrigerant itself is leaking, then it’s time to immediately call the professionals at Premier Comfort Services.