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    5 Things to Consider When Hiring Air Conditioner Installation Service

    If you need air conditioning service in Watkinsville, you know it can be difficult to determine which is the best contractor to install a new AC unit. Fortunately, following a few tips can help you find the right company that will do the job correctly and provide the customer service you need. Here's what you need to look for.

    Right Products Carried

    Chances are, you've already researched different brands and models of AC units, so you know more or less what you're looking for. Make sure the company you're considering for air conditioner installation in Watkinsville carries and installs the specific unit you're looking for. The contractor should have extensive knowledge about this and other models to help you make the best choice.


    Choose a company that not only has experience installing AC units, but knows how to properly service and maintain them as well. This means that they will know all the latest techniques and technology to keep your system running well once it's been installed.

    Accurate Bid

    If you've been given a quote over the phone or in the office, be sure to get the bid in writing. This allows you to see exactly what services are covered as well as any included warranties. This estimate may need to include an in-person visit, which is actually a good thing because the technician will be able to see exactly what will be needed.

    License and Insurance

    Be sure the company is licensed to work and carries proper insurance so that both the you and the company are covered in case of an accident. Licensed contractors will also keep up to date on technician training so that the latest technology and methods are used.

    Positive Reviews

    Finally, check the company's website for reviews and testimonials, as well as other reputable websites like Kudzu or Yelp. Rather than just looking at the rating number, be sure to read the reviews to get a feel for how the company treats its customers in different situations.