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    5 Things to Remember before Hiring Heating and Air Services

    Many HVAC companies are happy to provide repairs and tune-up services to you, but are you getting the best value? The truth is that most people wait until there's a problem with their heating or air conditioning before they call. Then, at that point, most people are too rushed to make sure they find the best service providers in Athens. These tips can help.

    Most Repairs Can Be Avoided

    The first thing to remember is that most repairs relating to your AC unit or furnace can be prevented, eliminating the need to call on emergency HVAC service and repair. Avoid malfunctions by getting regular tune-ups and checks from a trusted HVAC provider. Seasonal checks are recommended, but even getting an inspection once a year can help you anticipate a lot of problems.  

    Be Wary of Big Deals

    Many companies pull you in by advertising incredible, can’t-miss-it deals. But if you think it sounds too good to be true, then you're most likely right. Repairs, tune-ups, installations, and replacements all cost money, and higher quality comes at a higher cost. So, while it's possible to find great values from good companies, do a bit of research about the company before you take them up on a wild offer.

    Use Consultations and Estimates

    Even if you think you're getting a great deal from an HVAC provider, don’t skip the consultation! Shop around and get a few different consultations and estimates. This benefits you in several ways:

    ·         You can compare pricing between providers.

    ·         You can compare each contractor’s knowledge of the problem and what needs to be fixed.

    ·         You can compare each provider’s approach to the problem and determine which methods you believe will work best.

    ·         You can hold the company accountable to the price estimate they quoted you up front so you aren’t surprised by extra fees that seem to come from nowhere.

    Trust Experience and Licenses

    If you’re going to trust contractors to come into your home and service your HVAC system or even install a new one, then you should only trust those who have years of experience and are appropriately licensed, certified, and insured in their particular line of work. Do more than just ask the representative over the phone, request proof of licensing as well as reviews and recommendations from past customers.

    Remember It’s an Investment

    Finally, just remember that your heating and air repair in Athens, GA is an investment in your home and your family’s health. No repair can be taken too lightly.