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    Factors to Consider When Hiring HVAC Contractors

    When you're looking into HVAC repair in Watkinsville, you’ll probably start by checking reviews just like you would for any company. This is a good first step, and whether or not you can get word of mouth recommendations, you should always make sure they have positive online reviews concerning their quality of service. However, your responsibilities don't end there as we have a few things that you should consider before hiring any contractors.

    Checking Credentials

    Your next responsibility will be to make sure the company and its employees are all properly licensed. Your HVAC in Watkinsville is expensive and complex, and before you let anyone into the system, you’ll need to know that they actually know what they’re doing. To that end, not only should you check out their HVAC certificate, but you should also make sure they're listed on the Register of Contractors.

    Checking Insurance

    Unless you want to worry about being liable for accidents in your home, make sure your HVAC contractor has liability insurance. Not all companies do, and this is not an insignificant factor. Anyone who deals with electricity is assuming some risk, and on the off chance a freak accident burns, electrocutes, or in some way injures someone, you won’t want to be held responsible.

    Learning Policies

    Not all HVAC contractors in Watkinsville are going to share a uniform set of policies. Some of the most important to check on are their customer service policies. Since an HVAC is such a huge investment, you need to make sure that you can get in touch with your repairmen as needed, especially in the case of an emergency. Learn how much work they’re willing to do and what hours they’re available. This is also something to keep in mind when you’re reading company reviews. If previous customers comment positively or negatively about customer service, this is a major factor. Not only do you need to know what their policies are, but you need to know if they’ll follow through on their promises.