Heating and Air System: Energy Saving Tips for Winter

article image Cost savings is an important consideration for all homeowners, especially during the winter months. Efficient heating and air conditioning in Watkinsville can help you improve your savings and keep you comfortable in the colder seasons. You may also implement these tips to save money all throughout the year. Here are some strategies to try if you want to lower your heating costs during winter:

Invest in Energy-Saving Systems

If you’re planning to construct a home, consider setting up efficient systems that will help you save money over time. Green HVAC installations are available for the practical homeowners. They’re expensive at the onset, but you can recover the initial expenses from the savings that you will get month after month. On the other hand, if you are an existing homeowner, inspect to see if it’s still practical to keep your system running or it’s time for an upgrade.

Take Advantage of Sunlight

Sunlight can heat your home during the day and keep you from using your heater. Place strategic windows or skylights that you can use during winter and cover during the hotter seasons. Close windows during the colder months to prevent the heat from escaping.

Seal Windows and Other Leaks

Seal your windows with plastic sheets, tape, or sealant to keep the warmth inside the home and avoid leaks. Insulating drapes can also help prevent drafts and improve your system’s efficiency in heating and cooling in Watkinsville. Chimneys, gaps in doors, unfinished ceiling spaces, cupboards, pipes, etc. can all be causes of leaks. Make sure to seal them to prepare for winter.

Use Programmable Thermostats

Set your thermostat to energy-saving mode to maintain the temperature and to avoid working your system harder than it should.

During winter, it’s advisable to turn down your thermostat when you’re asleep or away. Programmable thermostats will return it to normal when you wake up or come back from the outside. Make sure to keep the temperature comfortably low for longer hours to prevent excessive heat loss.

On the other hand, be careful when using programmable thermostats with heat pumps, or it could cause the unit to function inefficiently in its heating mode.

article image Schedule for Seasonal Maintenance

Determine what type of repairs you need for your HVAC to improve the quality of heating and air in Watkinsville. Replace your filters and clean the vents to ensure efficient home heating. Adjust your damper to prevent heat loss. Plug your chimney if you don’t plan to use it. Tempered glass improves the flow of warm air into the room.

Use LED Lights and Adjust Water Heater

LED lights are practical for all-weather use. They are more economical than typical fluorescent lights and provide adequate lighting during winter. Finally, change your water heater to warm to prevent heat loss and avoid burning your skin when in use.

Consider these tips to keep your heating costs low during the winter.