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    How Long Should My A/C Unit Last?

    Georgia residents rely heavily on their air conditioning units to survive the hot, sticky summers. Unfortunately, like all pieces of machinery, air conditioning units in Loganville wear out and need to be replaced. Here are some things you need to know to determine when it's time for air conditioning replacement. Family sitting indoors

    Overall Age

    A lot of people want to know a specific age that their A/C unit will reach before needing replacement. However, just as humans never know exactly how long they'll live, it's hard to pinpoint exactly how long an air conditioner will last. Most quality central air conditioners will last at least 10 years, and many will function well for up to 15 or 20 years. Unfortunately, once your A/C unit reaches this age, you're more likely to need repairs more often, which may end up being costlier than simply replacing the unit. You can help increase your unit's lifespan by scheduling regular maintenance to ensure small repairs are done in a timely manner. It also helps keep parts clean and well lubricated to reduce the likelihood of damage occurring.

    Replacement Indicator

    ·         Cost Comparisons

    When your A/C unit needs to be repaired, it's a good idea to get a quote for how much repair costs will be, but it's also smart to get a quote for an overall replacement. While it's probably less expensive to repair the existing unit, if you find you're making repairs often, it's probably a good idea to replace the unit before you waste money on repairs.

    ·         Energy Efficiency

    Another thing to consider is how energy efficient your current model is. If you're finding hot spots in your home or seeing your energy bill increasing without changing the settings on the thermostat, it's likely that problems with the A/C unit are reducing energy efficiency. Additionally, simply the age of the unit can decrease efficiency because it doesn't have the technology that newer models have that could save you money on your monthly energy bill.