How to Prevent Major HVAC Breakdown

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Having your heating and air conditioning unit break in Loganville during the winter is the last thing any of us want. Being uncomfortable in your own home in the cold months ahead is something the pros at Premier Comfort Services want to help you prevent. HVAC units consist of a several components, and each one needs to be taken care of to make sure the entire set functions properly. This requires maintenance to be done at least twice a year: once right before summer, and again about a month before winter. Following these simple steps can ensure that your home is ready for whatever weather comes your way. 

Keeping up with HVAC Maintenance

There are several major areas to worry about when dealing with HVAC. The first part does not require an expert and can be done by anyone. This requires the most efficient thermostat settings you can handle. We know that temperatures in the day will be warmer. Thus, lowering the heat during the day in the winter is a good way to take pressure off your HVAC unit. If you’re gone during most of the day for work, then this would also be a good time to keep the unit working lightly. Keeping the heat on high at all times puts more strain on the entire heating unit, which results in more wear and tear over time. For the next part, you will probably need to call a heating and air conditioning expert in Loganville. This requires electrical wiring maintenance.

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The wiring needs to be checked even if everything seems to be working fine. Faulty wiring will not necessarily render the unit inoperable, but it will prevent individual components from working at the maximum efficiency. To prevent your home from becoming humid, and keep it safe from water damage, it’s recommended that the condensate drain in your furnace, heat pump and air conditioner is also checked regularly. Lastly, you should always check the equipment controls. Making sure that your HVAC unit starts, runs and shuts off correctly is more than just maintenance, it’s a safety issue. Whether you decide to do the repairs yourself, or hire a heating and air professional in Loganville to handle them for you, keeping these facts in mind is always a good idea.

Getting Ready for the Winter in Loganville

You may know your way around an HVAC unit, but reaching out to an expert before attempting repairs yourself is never a bad idea. The pros at Premier Comfort Services agree that while doing maintenance tasks yourself is a good way to save money, some jobs are best left to professionals. Speaking to a pro is a great way to avoid unnecessary repair costs, or sitting out the winter with a broken HVAC unit. Calling for help with heating and air in Loganville may make a significant difference.