How to Save Yourself from HVAC Repair Scam

HVAC scams are more common than you might believe which is why is it so important to know the signs of a scam artist. The trusted professionals at Premier Comfort have compiled this list of things to look for when searching for legitimate HVAC contractors in Watkinsville.

article imageProper Documentation

First of all, always ask for the company’s business license and insurance information. These can be verified with the Better Business Bureau and your local licensing authorities for accuracy and renewals. Ask for the company’s educational certifications to make sure they are trained to work with your unit. Also, request a list of past clients for you to call for references. Refusal to produce any of this information should be a red flag.

Replacement Parts

When HVAC technicians remove a part from your unit, tell them you want to keep the part for yourself. If you are uncertain about the quality of the work performed, you can take the old part to another HVAC company for a second opinion.  

“Free” Tune Up

Free estimates and diagnostic services are standard for most HVAC companies. However, if a repairman offers you a free tune up, proceed with caution. This technique is sometimes used to trick clients into ordering parts and signing service contracts that they otherwise do not need.

Money Up Front

Any HVAC service that asks for money upfront is almost guaranteed to be a scam. Sometimes deposits are required for major work but never pay the total amount up front. This type of cut-and-run scam can cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars before you even realize you’ve been duped.

Limited Time Offers

When an HVAC company offers you a bargain price but for a limited time only, it is more than likely a scam intended to get your money faster. The temptation for a good deal is too enticing for clients on a budget who also need fast services. A scam artist will try to take advantage of your unfortunate situation but in the end, it is just another cut-and-run technique that will end up costing you more in the long run.

For all HVAC repair in Watkinsville, always get a written estimate up front and never hesitate to get a second opinion.