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    How to Simplify the Work of Your HVAC Contractor

    Many homes rely on their HVAC systems throughout the summer and winter, putting a lot of strain on those machines and making them work hard to keep you comfortable. For that reason, it pays to have them regularly inspected, so that you can prevent a lot of damage that might be expensive to repair later on. Before you look at HVAC companies in Monroe, GA, here's what you need to know to make the contractor’s job easier.

    Monitor Your HVAC

    If you keep an eye on your system, you can often avoid major HVAC repair in Monroe, GA. Get familiar with your machine. Know what is normal for your unit so that you can see, hear, or smell if anything is different and contact HVAC services to come check it out. You might hear odd sounds like banging, squealing, clicking, or rattling, all of which indicate that your parts aren't operating as they should.

    You won’t see everything that goes on inside your unit, but you may notice leaking on or around your unit. Any number of problems can cause leaking or pooling, such as dirty or icy coils, clogged drain lines, a damaged overflow drain pan, or improper installation.

    Be especially on alert for unusual smells. Moldy smells are common, but you might also smell gas, oil, or electric smells, which are all signs of trouble. If you smell any of these, call your contractor immediately.

    Choose the Right Company

    It may seem like common sense, but the contractor’s job will be a lot simpler if he or she knows what they're doing. Before you hire any HVAC contractors in Monroe, GA, make sure that they're experienced, certified, and have plenty of good reviews easily available. Word of mouth recommendations are best, but they should have a solid online reputation as well. Make sure it’s a legitimate company with a history of positive customer relations. If you take that extra step, your contractor will be prepared for whatever your HVAC can throw at them.