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    Prep Your AC Unit for the Summer

    Happy family in bed After your air conditioner has been sitting unused over the winter, sometimes it can take a little bit of maintenance to get it up and running at optimal levels. Although some of the complex inner workings of an air conditioning unit should only be tinkered with by a professional, there are a few things you can do to avoid having to replace or significantly fix your air conditioning units in Loganville when it's the peak of summer heat.

    Before You Work

    Before working on your air conditioner, make sure the power is turned off, especially to the condenser. If the electricity is on, it's likely that you will be seriously injured. You may need to go into the machine to turn off the circuit breaker, but you should investigate your specific air conditioner model and call the company that produced it if you are having any issues determining whether or not it is off.

    Clean Debris around the Unit

    If you have an air conditioner that sits on the ground, clean off leaves, dirt, or twigs that have collected around the unit. Pay special attention to the base of the condenser and the drain. If the drain gets clogged, your air conditioner will be in serious trouble. You can also use a vacuum to clear the air conditioner fan blades. Dusting the various parts of your AC unit periodically can keep it functioning better and prevents the filters from clogging as quickly.

    Cleaning the Filters

    Air conditioning units have filters that keep the air blowing into your house free from allergens and particulate matter. Locate the filter and check it for debris and dust. If the filter is dirty, pull it out and replace it with a new one. We recommend that clients change their AC filters twice a year to prevent the buildup of debris that can restrict air flow and harm the efficacy of the machine.