Save Energy and Money with Regular HVAC Maintenance

article image As a homeowner, you’re likely to have one if not several major appliances that require regular maintenance. Your air conditioner is probably one of those appliances. Just like your dishwasher, your HVAC unit needs regular upkeep to keep it functioning properly. Did you know that regular maintenance can actually help you save energy and money on your monthly utility bills? Keep reading to learn more about maintaining HVAC systems in Athens, GA, from the professionals at Premier Comfort Services.  

Types of Maintenance

When it comes to owning home and major appliances, there are three forms of maintenance: reactive, preventative, and predictive. Reactive maintenance occurs when your HVAC or another appliance breaks. Your reaction is instinctive and you quickly call your local repair company. Depending on the problem, however, it can be hours or even days before your technician can fix your system. Preventative maintenance can help prevent some of these problems before they happen. Types of preventative maintenance include changing filters, tightening belts, and cleaning the condensation lines. Preventative maintenance can help reduce the chances of serious system failures.  

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is the third and most advanced form of appliance maintenance. It requires an HVAC technician with considerable experience recognizing problems before they happen. It also requires ongoing monitoring of your system and its parts to accurately measure performance levels over time. Predictive maintenance techniques will help you save money on your monthly energy bills by ensuring that your HVAC system is performing at its best year-round.   

Performance Measures

article image Over time, your heating and air conditioning unit will decrease in performance. This is reflected in higher utility bills and a higher risk of breakdown. Performance measurements like voltage and vibration levels can help your technician predict when your unit is about to break. The compressor, for example, will vibrate more and more as it ages. Regular wear and tear can damage internal parts and loosen fasteners. Sensors attached to your compressor can sense vibrations inside the device. Vibrations levels that are too high are a cause for concern.  Your technician can recommend a course of action based on how high the levels are. By replacing or repairing your compressor before it does more damage, you can save money on needless energy expenditure and auxiliary repairs on other parts of your system. By measuring the amount of energy running through your unit, your HVAC technician can also determine your unit’s level of energy efficiency. They perform this check using a multimeter. It reads the amount of electricity running through various cables inside the unit. Unusual readings can indicate a faulty fuse or a damaged wire.

Your HVAC unit is more than a luxury; it’s an investment in the overall value of your home. Keep your unit in shape with a predictive maintenance schedule from an experienced HVAC company. With regular cleaning and predictive maintenance checks, you can save money on HVAC repair and services in Athens, GA.