Spring Cleaning Tips for Your HVAC System 

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Break out the mop and broom and wash away the winter gloom. Soon you’ll be hitting the beach and breaking out the barbecue. But when you need a break from the heat, make sure your air conditioning unit is ready for summer. Spring is the perfect time of year to get your HVAC system ready. Check these quick and easy maintenance tips off your spring cleaning list and enjoy your Loganville summer.

Change Your Filters

The first thing on the list is changing out your return filters. If left unchanged, dust can clog up your filters forcing your unit to work harder in order to move air through the system. Mold can also accumulate in your filters and ducts. This is another reason why it is so important to change out your filters regularly. If you have pets or allergies, it is best to change filters at least once a month, especially during the warmer months when pollen counts are high.

The Outdoor Unit

Cut back any vines or shrubbery around your outdoor unit. There should always be a two-foot clearance around the unit to allow for airflow. Blow out dead leaves and debris that may have accumulated inside the unit during the winter. Also, be sure to check the drain hole for blockages. It is not uncommon for squirrels to shove acorns into drain pipes. Take a paperclip or a coat hanger and clear out any unwanted debris.

Examine Ductwork

Before it gets too hot in your attic or under your foundation, be sure to examine the ductwork running through your home. Mold can build up on and around ductwork while holes in the tubing can allow it into your air supply and compromise your breathing. Holes can also decrease your unit’s efficiency and can be a sign of infestation.

Test Your Unit

Run your unit for a few hours at the temperature you would usually run it during the summer months. Listen carefully for any strange noises. If it sounds unusually loud, the unit may be straining to meet the demand. It may be time for an annual tune-up.

For more tips on servicing your HVAC unit in Loganville, don’t hesitate to ask the comfort experts at Premier Comfort.