Summer Heating and Air Energy Saving Tips

article image It’s that time of the year again--summertime. Though we all love the summer, which means pool parties, barbecues, and summer vacations, summertime also means excess heat inside our homes, lots of sweating, overheated and tired children, and a lot more money spent towards cooling our homes. Wondering how to keep your home cool while saving money on air conditioning? Here are a few tips to try out during the summertime!


One of the biggest benefits you have if you live in an area that cools off at night is your windows. When it cools off, be sure to fling those windows open and turn down that thermostat. Not only will this air out your home, but you’ll be able to capture as much of that cool air that you can. Be sure to close the windows before the sun rises and heats your cool air too much. Keep your windows closed and shaded during the day, as this will also help keep your home cooler, especially if your windows get a lot of sun.


Be sure to take advantage of fans in your home. Not only will this circulate the air, but it will also keep your air cool and limit the need of using your thermostat. But, if you leave the room, be sure to turn the fan off, as it won’t help cool the room, just the people inside.


Make sure that your thermostat works efficiently throughout the day, especially if you are gone for the majority of the day. You’ll want to make sure and set the thermostat as high as you can stand it throughout the summer. Most people set the temperature at 78 degrees and that tends to save money on air conditioning. If you leave the house for 8 hours, you’ll want to program that time at a higher temperature so that you can save money on cooling your home.

Avoiding Excess Lighting and Heating

Another way to save money on air conditioning is to avoid using the oven and turning on lights during the day and at night. Using the oven will generate excess heat, as well as will turning on the lights. Other things like running the dryer, using your computer, using hair dryers, and curling irons will add heat to your home, so keep that in mind as well.

Be sure to keep your central heating and air in Loganville in good condition, as this will also save you money in the long run. If you have more questions about saving money on air conditioning, be sure to contact Premier Comfort Services for more information.