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    The Differences between Residential and Commercial HVAC Companies

    Professional residential and commercial HVAC repair and maintenance options appear to provide the same services, but the demands and methods for homes and businesses are very different. You need to make sure you have the proper qualified technicians for the right job, and that means having an HVAC company specializing in the services you need.

    Air conditioners and heating units for residential homes and commercial buildings work in similar ways, and certainly have the same goals. The differences in how the two systems are installed, repaired, and maintained are great, however. From the physical size and location to the cost of the upkeep of each, residential and commercial HVAC technicians perform very different tasks with different machinery and equipment.

    ·         Location, Location, Location: Heating and cooling units for residential homes are typically located at ground level, while a commercial building has HVAC systems in place on the roof of the structure. Installation, repair and maintenance procedures are affected. On the most basic level, residential units are easier to access and some services can be performed without the residents at home.

    ·         It’s Complicated: By the sheer size of the space needing climate control, HVAC repair and installation services for commercial structures are far more complicated than that of single homes, even large estates. Even HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, and the surrounding areas that service both residential and commercial properties have technicians specializing in each. They undergo unique training and use real world experience in one or the other every day. 

    ·         Residential HVAC Contractors Stand Alone: Heating and cooling units for residential properties are standalone, meaning if the system breaks down completely, the whole unit will need replacing. Commercial HVAC systems are designed and built in modules, enabling easier replacement of system sections, as well as the flexibility to add or scale down the number of units in a modular HVAC set up.

    ·          Maintaining Systems and Cost: Residential HVAC systems are significantly easier to maintain than commercial systems. The installation and maintenance costs of running a heating and cooling unit is a lot more expensive for commercial buildings, as well.

    Technicians working for HVAC contractors develop unique skill sets after working with either commercial or residential heating and cooling systems. Many companies only offer one or the other, while some offer both.  Either way, a respected and quality HVAC company will have properly trained and extensively trained technicians able to perform your services based on your specific needs.

    The most important aspect of getting either residential or commercial HVAC service performed is choosing from among the best HVAC companies in Athens, GA, and the surrounding communities.