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    Things to Check before Calling Your AC Repair Company

    If it's not quite the greatest invention of all time, it's certainly one of the most popular: climate control. Who doesn't love coming into a cool house when you've been in the blazing sun all day? To keep your HVAC system and air conditioner in Athens, GA, in top shape, you'll want to have a technician's number handy. However, to avoid calling a professional for a simple fix, take a look at these common issues and their solutions.

    Have You Checked Your Air Filter?

    One of the most important types of routine maintenance you can do on the components of your HVAC system is to change their filters regularly. Your furnace and air conditioner both need new air filters several times a year. If your unit seems to be working inefficiently or not at all, make sure that you don't have a full, dirty filter that's restricting air flow.

    Check Your Power

    If your air conditioner or furnace aren't working properly, your power might be out. We've gotten calls to service HVAC systems only to discover that the neighborhood power was down. To avoid paying for a technician to poke around your machine, make sure to check all your light switches before contacting an AC company near Athens, GA.

    How's Your Breaker?

    Along with a power outage, the other common problem with an easy fix is a tripped circuit breaker. When your electrical system gets overloaded, the circuit in an area of your home can blow. Make sure to find your circuit breakers behind a circuit panel and check to see if any are in a different position than the others. Make sure to turn off lights and extra electrical devices and then switch the circuit breaker back to an on position.

    If All Else Fails, Call the Experts

    When you've done your due diligence to fix your heater or AC near Athens, GA, it's time to call a professional. We can provide you with an estimate and determine what's causing your heater or air conditioner to malfunction.