Tips to Find Professional HVAC Contractors

Happy family with kids Shopping for HVAC companies in Loganville can be a challenge. You can’t just settle for anyone. For quality service and peace of mind, there are several characteristics to look for in an air conditioning company. Check out this list of shopping tips from the experts at Premier Comfort.

1.       Ask around for referrals. Word of mouth is usually a good starting point for your research. Ask neighbors, friends, and family for their personal preferences and experiences with local HVAC companies

2.       The first thing you need to ascertain is the business's licensure and insurance. This goes across the board, whether you are shopping for an HVAC company or any other kind of home service professionals. Once you have this information, verify it with your local licensing agency and the insurance company.

3.       Ask for references from previous clients. Previous clients will usually give good, honest opinions from their own experience with the company. You can also check the Better Business Bureau’s website for reviews. Negative reviews are also posted on sites like the BBB, however, businesses have the opportunity to resolve these issues and improve customer service reviews.

4.       Consider the company's certifications and specialties. For example, an HVAC company in Loganville with Energy Star training is adequately prepared to sell and service Energy Star units. Some companies also require vocational training through local colleges.

5.       Consider the product offerings. Products with the Energy Star rating are more energy efficient and can save homeowners money on monthly heating and cooling costs.

6.       Request an inspection and an itemized estimate. Inspections of your home and HVAC system are usually done for free. They help the technician analyze and identify problems with your system. New HVAC units are based on the size of your home. The technician should also inspect the ductwork for leaks and insulation to determine your heating and cooling needs. Always tag along on these inspections and ask questions.

7.       Before work begins, ask for a project proposal in writing. If you are installing a new unit, request the make and model number and research reviews on the unit before installation. Does the company offer any warranties on new units and parts? Also, ask about special offers like yearly maintenance plans and discount service plans.

For more help shopping for HVAC contractors in Loganville, contact your local professionals at Premier Comfort Services.