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    What to Look for When Selecting a New HVAC

    No matter what time of year, shopping for a new HVAC system can be a challenge. What size unit works best for your house? What brand is better? What about installation costs, part warranties, and yearly maintenance? Make an informed decision while shopping for your new unit or HVAC companies in Watkinsville with this easy shopping guide from the pros at Premier Comfort.

    Bigger Isn’t Always Better

    When it comes to HVAC units, think economical and efficient. Heating and air conditioning units are measured by their ability to heat or cool your home in units called “tons.” One ton is the equivalent of cooling 12,000 BTUs, or British Thermal Units, one degree per hour. To calculate your unit size, take the total square footage of your home, multiply it by 25, divide it by 12,000, and subtract 0.5 from the final results. HVAC units are measured in half-ton increments so round your answer to the closest unit. For example, a 1,500 square foot home will benefit from either a 2.5 or 3-ton unit.

    Go Green and Save

    Look for units that bear the blue Energy Star logo. In 1992, the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency started the Energy Star Program to help consumers identify products that are more energy efficient. HVAC units with the blue logo use less energy, reduce environmental emissions, and save you money on your monthly heating and cooling costs. Energy efficiency is rated with a SEER score, also known as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit is.

    Support Local Business

    Check out local HVAC companies in Watkinsville for the installation and maintenance of your new unit. Local HVAC providers can usually provide faster service than brand-name service providers and they are generally more affordable. Many of them also have emergency hours so you won’t be stuck out in the cold when your heater dies. Always ask for their business license number and confirm it with your local licensing authorities. Make sure your technician is properly trained and insured to handle your heating and air conditioning concerns.

    Have peace of mind when you shop for your new HVAC system in Watkinsville.