Why is HVAC Maintenance Important?

Man relaxing in sofa Avoiding the need for HVAC repair in the sweltering heat of summer or on a frigid winter day is the goal of every homeowner. Although HVAC repair is sometimes necessary, it's best to avoid an emergency call by keeping your HVAC system well maintained. Here are a few reasons you shouldn't skip regular maintenance or an HVAC tune-up and inspection in the spring or fall.

Avoid Costly Repairs

A regular inspection can help you avoid major repair or replacement costs down the road. The only way to fully evaluate the condition of your HVAC system is to have it taken apart by a professional to check the coils, condenser, fan, belts, and bearings. When these parts are damaged or working incorrectly it can create an inefficient system or even cause the whole unit to shut down, usually just when you need it most.

Breathe Easier

Filter changes, air duct cleaning, and coil cleaning can all help you and your family to breathe cleaner air. These maintenance tasks not only remove excess dirt and particles that could enter the home and be inhaled, but it also removes mold and can help prevent future mold growth when certain microbial treatments are applied after cleaning.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Regular maintenance, including professional inspections and filter changes, increases the efficiency of your system and lowers your utility bills. The more dirt a system has, the harder it has to work, which means it will run more often and for a longer amount of time than it should. This is also true if parts on the system are wearing out.


In some cases, a warranty may only be honored if an HVAC system has been properly maintained. That's why you should keep a record of all maintenance tasks so that you can show what maintenance has been done. Chances are you won't even need the warranty because parts aren't likely to break down when the system is carefully maintained.