Air Conditioning – Repair and Installation

article image Not many places are as hot and humid as Atlanta. When your air conditioning system malfunctions, you are in real trouble. Premier Comfort Services based in Monroe, GA can help you by sending its air conditioning specialists to your place and fix your air conditioning units quickly. We are licensed AC company in Georgia that provides you with a variety of air conditioning services that include repairing your broken unit, or a brand new air conditioner installation. Don’t miss a chance in hiring us for any of your HVAC requirements.

What You Need To Know About a Home Cooling System

There are various components to a home cooling system, classified as a single speed, two speed, or variable speed unit. Single speed units run, as single-speed suggests, one speed. If every day, all day, the temperature was extremely hot, then this could make sense, but even in Atlanta, this isn’t the case. The ac system would run at full power, even on a nice 72 Fahrenheit day, which would not be very energy efficient at all. A two speed system is a better option than a single speed, since it can run slower as needed, conserving energy. They also do a better job dehumidifying your air.

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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Never ever compromise on your indoor air quality! It is important to get your air quality checked periodically to keep allergies at bay. Call us for duct cleaning and other HVAC cleaning services in Watkinsville, Loganville, and Athens, GA.